Subject Area: Music and Culture

African Art Music: Political, Social, and Cultural Factors Behind Its Development and Practice in Nigeria
 Konye, Paul
2007 0-7734-5253-2 268 pages
This study makes a distinction between modern Nigerian art music, which evolved in the twentieth century and emphasizes Western music notation, and the previously existing art music tradition in Nigeria before the advent of missionaries in the nineteenth century. Specifically, this research examines the social, political, and cultural factors involved in the evolution and practice of art music in Nigeria. This book contains 4 color photographs.

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An Annotated Bibliography and Reference List of Musical Fiction
 Brown, Kellie D.
2005 0-7734-6158-2 360 pages
Since the earliest civilizations, a connection has existed between music and the literary arts. From the Old Testament and ancient Greek poets to the great operatic masterpieces of the nineteenth century, music and words have forged an inseparable bond. This relationship is not only seen in musical genres but in a prolific output of novels for adults and children that contain musical themes, characters, and/or settings.

This book is the result of many years of research into fiction that has this musical connection. Focusing on novels mainly from the twentieth century, this volume contains an extensive annotated list featuring works for adult, young adult and juvenile audiences and also represents a wide range of musical genre from classical to jazz to rap. Following the annotations, this book provides a comprehensive listing of all titles sorted by reading level and by musical genres to assist librarians, educators, and readers in finding the precise book for a given need or interest.

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An Explanation of the Origins and Nature of Notre Dame Modal Polyphony in the Twelfth Century: A Musical Genre Integral to the Development of Gothic Art and Medieval Culture
 Flindell, Edwin Frederick
2014 0-7734-4312-6 452 pages
Through an interdisciplinary approach the author seeks to discover how composers created the modal polyphonic system. The reader is led from scholarly and theoretical issues to direct compositional creation.
A significant contribution and interdisciplinary approach to medieval musical research. The author not only researches the music history of the time, but incorporates the political, social and cultural conditions that gave rise to the birth of polyphonic thought in Western music.

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Analysis of the Position and Status of Sound Ratio in Contemporary Society
 Moy, Ron
2000 0-7734-7540-0 164 pages
Traces the process of specularization, whereby the hegemonies of state, church, patriarchy and the mass media have attempted to marginalize the role of sound in contemporary society. In a much under-researched file, this study contributes to an inter-disciplinary understanding of sound’s unique characteristics and how, in an often oppositional climate, in maintains its status as a vital communicative and artistic tool.

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Azerbaijani Women Poet-Minstrels: Women ashiqs From the Eighteenth Century to the Present
 Oldfield, Anna C.
2008 0-7734-4990-6 276 pages
This work examines women ashiqs and their poetry, contextualizing their lives and works within discussions of the history, music, poetics, and social importance of the ashiq in Azerbaijan. Theoretical concerns addressed include the interplay of oral and written literature, discourse of national and transnational identities, dynamics of cooperation and resistance in the Soviet Union, the interplay of tradition and innovation in folklore, and gender roles in Azerbaijani society. This book contains sixteen black and white photographs and twelve color photographs.

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Call to Dance: An Experience of the Socio-Cultural World of Traditional Breton Music and Dance
 Wilkinson, Desi
2023 1-4955-1121-9 164 pages
"This book charts the recent historical development of a valued and respected Breton popular cultural identity--both at home and abroad--through the invention and diffusion of an event, the fest noz. This [is a] unique, structured platform for the performance of one of Europe's most vibrant forms of traditional dance music. Informed by the techniques of ethnography, the discipline of ethnomusicology, as well as my own participation as a musician, learner, performer, and researcher, I ...situate the development of the fest noz to highlight its social, cultural, aesthetic, political, and economic significance. I also...convey something of what it looks, sounds, and feels like to circulate as a musician, dancer, and participant in the world of traditional music in Brittany, through forty years around the turn of the twenty-first century." -Desi Wilkinson (Introduction) This book was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2016.

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Confraternity and Carnevale at San Giovanni Evangelista, Florence, 1820-1924
 Garlington, Aubrey S.
2023 1-4955-1142-1 100 pages
"The Church of San Giovanni Evangelista (SGE)...stands in the heart of the city being one block up from the Via Martelli.... SGE came under the jurisdiction of the "Padri delle Scuole Pie" more formally known as the "Clerici di Madre di Dio," informally as "Scolopi" 1775 following the Jesuits' expulsion. The Jesuits had been in charge of the church since its erection in the late sixteenth century following a design by Ammannati. From the beginning SGE was intended for their use...."-Aubrey Garlington (Introduction)

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Music for the American People: The Lewisohn Stadium Concerts
 Stern, Jonathan
2023 1-4955-1156-1 240 pages
"This book is about the first twentieth century summer music festival involving a major American symphony orchestra--in this case, America's oldest orchestra in continuous existence, the New York Philharmonic Society. Much of the primary resources were at the New York Philharmonic Archives, which contains scrapbooks of reviews and articles pertaining to the Lewisohn Stadium Concerts compiled by the members of the Stadium Committee from 1924-1964." -Jonathan Stern This book was originally published in 2019 by Pendragon Press.

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Portraits around Marc-Antoine Charpentier
 Ranum, Patricia M.
2023 1-4955-1113-8 640 pages
"Marc-Antoine Charpentier knew, or knew about, all the sitters in this imaginary portrait gallery. During my long pursuit of the composer in European archives and libraries, these same individuals have become my friends. ...I have constructed my portraits from historical evidence alone." Patricia Ranum (Preface)

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Torn Between Cultures: A Life of Kathi Meyer-Baer
 Josephson, David
2023 1-4955-1117-0 324 pages
This is a biography of Kathi Meyer-Baer. "I first encountered Meyer-Baer while rummaging in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Room of the New York Public Library among the files of the Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars. This was an organization established in New York soon after the formation of a Nazi government in Germany to help secure academic positions in the United States for scholars dismissed on racial or political grounds from their posts in Germany. Among the hundreds considered for funding from the Emergency Committee during its twelve years of operation were thirty-eight musicians and music scholars, all but one of the men; the exception was Meyer-Baer." (Introduction) This book was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2012.

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Treasures of the Golden Age: Essays on Music of the Iberian and Latin American Renaissance in Honor of Robert M. Stevenson
 O'Connor, Michael
2023 1-4955-1114-6 332 pages
"Over his long career [Robert M. Stevenson] has become an exceptional pianist, composer, teacher, and scholar. Few others can boast the sheer volume and ground-breaking nature of his scholarship, but virtually no one can also claim to have done this while producing compositions that were played by major musical organizations. ...His place in American musical history is secure and considerable." -Michael O'Connor (Introduction I) "The name Robert Murrell Stevenson resonates powerfully in the minds and memories of thousands of people, including admirers, colleagues, collaborators, and former students. This is due to his many decades of transnational labor in, as he put it, 'rescuing the musical heritage of Latin America.' It would indeed be impossible to calculate with any accuracy the impact that he has had on our knowledge and understanding of Iberian and Latin American music. Few if any other scholars have penetrated so far and so deeply into such a wide range of musical issues, from every region and every epoch, in every style of making music. And few scholars in any discipline have inspired so many others to follow in their footsteps." -Walter Aaron Clark (Introduction II) This edited volume was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2012.

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