African Art Music: Political, Social, and Cultural Factors Behind Its Development and Practice in Nigeria

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This study makes a distinction between modern Nigerian art music, which evolved in the twentieth century and emphasizes Western music notation, and the previously existing art music tradition in Nigeria before the advent of missionaries in the nineteenth century. Specifically, this research examines the social, political, and cultural factors involved in the evolution and practice of art music in Nigeria. This book contains 4 color photographs.


“Paul Konye’s work is a clear articulation of the origins, growth, individual expression and general character of art music practices in Nigeria. ... The international scholarly community on music and related disciplinary spheres of influence are seriously in need of examples of extensions of Western art music in non-Western cultures; this book fulfills part of this need.” - Dr. Daniel Avorgbedor, Associate Professor and Coordinator, Ethnomusicology, Ohio State University, Columbus

“Dr. Konye’s narrative is lucid and often penetrating. He writes from the perspective of an insider, who has been involved with the practice of this musical idiom in Nigeria for many years. This book will surely be an excellent addition to the few existing works on the subject.” - Dr. Bode Omojola, Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, Mount Holyoke College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Daniel Avorgbedor, Ph.D.
1 Introduction
2 Selected Literature Review
3 Making the Case for Nigerian in Art Music
4 Colonization of Nigeria and the Advent of Western Music
5 Cultural Nationalism and the Development of Nigerian Art Music
6 Pioneers of Nigerian Art Music
7 The Musical Society of Nigeria
8 The Muson Symphony Orchestra
9 African Art Music in the Diaspora
10 Music Education in Nigeria
11 Nigerian Composers
12 Summary and Conclusion
Appendix One - T.K.E. Phillips - Notation for African Drums
Appendix Two - Ayo Bankole - Kinium
Appendix Three - Joshua Uzoigwe

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