O'Connor, Michael

Treasures of the Golden Age: Essays on Music of the Iberian and Latin American Renaissance in Honor of Robert M. Stevenson
2023 1-4955-1114-6
"Over his long career [Robert M. Stevenson] has become an exceptional pianist, composer, teacher, and scholar. Few others can boast the sheer volume and ground-breaking nature of his scholarship, but virtually no one can also claim to have done this while producing compositions that were played by major musical organizations. ...His place in American musical history is secure and considerable." -Michael O'Connor (Introduction I) "The name Robert Murrell Stevenson resonates powerfully in the minds and memories of thousands of people, including admirers, colleagues, collaborators, and former students. This is due to his many decades of transnational labor in, as he put it, 'rescuing the musical heritage of Latin America.' It would indeed be impossible to calculate with any accuracy the impact that he has had on our knowledge and understanding of Iberian and Latin American music. Few if any other scholars have penetrated so far and so deeply into such a wide range of musical issues, from every region and every epoch, in every style of making music. And few scholars in any discipline have inspired so many others to follow in their footsteps." -Walter Aaron Clark (Introduction II) This edited volume was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2012.

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