Subject Area: Leadership Studies

 Boulter, Roger Stephen
2012 0-7734-2586-1 404 pages
This book reconsiders the life of former South African Defense Minister, F.C. Erasmus. Although an architect of the Nationalists' post-war election victory, he was not considered a minster of the first rank. Erasmus initiated a process of ridding the defense force of officers who he believed were associated with the government of Jan Smuts. Erasmus felt that the armed services had been too British in its ethos and appearance and wanted to create a force that was uniquely South African. However, without an immanent military threat, Erasmus never received a substantial budgetary allocation to modernize the military which left the military unable to assist the civil power in suppressing disturbances. Moreover, while Erasmus sought to cement South Africa’s relations with the West, he was unsuccessful in creating an anti-communist alliance for the land and maritime defense of Africa. This new biography looks at the events and time period that shaped this period of South African history in an attempt to correct misinterpretation of this period.

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An Organizational, Social-Psychological, and Ethical Analysis of School Administrators’ Use of Deception
 Mahoney, Daniel J.
2003 0-7734-6797-1 344 pages
This book makes a major contribution to the scholarship of organizational analysis and leadership. It describes the imperfect world of school organizations as navigated by flesh-and-blood human beings – the leaders in this study are real people in real situations. It illuminates the ethical reasoning articulated by school principals in response to candid questions: why they chose to ignore, bend, or break rules; why they chose not to disclose factual information; or why they lied. Current administrators will find affirmation and validation in its theoretical grounding. Professors in graduate educational leadership programs will find integrity of scholarship, authentic descriptions of the realities of professional practice, and a means for promoting lively discussions. Scholars of organizational analysis and leadership studies will find a gold mine of data and future research suggestions.

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Band Mobility and Leadership Among the Western Toba Hunter-Gatherers of Gran Chaco in Argentina
 Mendoza, Marcela
2002 0-7734-7080-8 248 pages
Mendoza presents an ethnographic description of the Western Toba, an indigenous population of around 1,200 living in Formosa Province, Argentina. Drawing upon extensive fieldwork, she analyzes the past and present organization of their society, focusing on how it has been affected by changes in the seasonal movements of bands. She argues that despite widespread cultural change among these people, their egalitarian concept of leadership still persists.

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 Taylor, Kenwyn M
2011 0-7734-1525-4 516 pages
This work argues that when leaders are aware of the interaction of leadership, social entrepreneurship, and economic management, they are more likely to succeed when guiding Caribbean countries from economic crisis to recovery.

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 Zake, Ieva
2008 0-7734-5173-0 200 pages
This study analyzes political writings of the Latvian intellectuals who pursued the ideas of national identity and liberation, over a period of nearly one hundred and fifty years. In addition to providing a better general understanding of intellectuals’ behavior and influence, it illuminates the largely neglected subject of the differences between the political, social, and cultural influence of Western and Eastern European intellectuals.

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THE POLITICS OF REFORM IN IRAN (1997-2005): The Development of Electoral Processes, the Evolution of Civil Society, and the Rise of Political Movements
 Razavi, Reza
2011 0-7734-1439-8 388 pages
An examination of Iran’s post-revolutionary political system. In particular, the study analyzes contemporary Iranian history and the composition of competing political factions. The tension between the central authority of the Supreme Leader and these factions continues to be a major source of instability in the country.

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The Relation of Civil Government to the Military in Nigeria: A Theory of Institutional Cooperation
 Oko, Okechukwu
2022 1-4955-1012-3 304 pages
"This book represents a theory of civil-military relations in Nigeria from 1999, when the country returned to democratic or more appropriately to civil rule, after several years of military rule which began on 15 January, 1966. ...It describes the relation between the military establishment and the political institutions, including the civil society, media, industry and other groups. ...[W]ith the return to civil rule in 1999, efforts were made to reform the armed forces...on how to conduct their affairs under positive control of the democratic authority. One of the profound virtues of Democracy is that it aspires to subordinate the military to civilian authority and vests control of the military in civilian leaders. Thus, the military is an agent of the State, to protect the nation's territorial integrity against internal and external aggression. However, in all matters involving the security of the state, civilian leaders must have the last word." -From the author's forward

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What is the Basis of a Rabbi's Authority? Three Case Studies: Rabbi Avraham Danzig; Rabbi Yirsrael Meir Hacohen, The Hafez Haim; Rabbi Yecheil Mechel HaLevi Epstein
 Fishbane, Simcha
2022 1-4955-1020-4 56 pages
The author states, "Max Weber, the well known early sociological theorist, presents us with the three classical types of leadership-traditional, charismatic, and legal-rational. I would like to suggest a fourth, namely the written word. ...I will focus on three leading Eastern European rabbinical authorities of the 19th and early 20th century whose writings both established their leadership during their lifetime, and posthumously continued to place them in the forefront of Jewish life and halakhic behavior. ...Leadership comprehended in rabbinic leadership is that of influence especially for educators. ...The rabbis discussed in this essay were all educators and thus leaders who influenced their followers both through their frontal (oral) lectures and their written works."

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