Mendoza, Marcela

About the author: Marcela Mendoza is a researcher at the Center for Research on Women and an affiliate faculty at the Department of Anthropology, The University of Memphis. She trained as an anthropologist at the University of Buenos Aires, and received her PhD from the University of Iowa. Dr. Mendoza has published many articles and book chapters.

Band Mobility and Leadership Among the Western Toba Hunter-Gatherers of Gran Chaco in Argentina
2002 0-7734-7080-8
Mendoza presents an ethnographic description of the Western Toba, an indigenous population of around 1,200 living in Formosa Province, Argentina. Drawing upon extensive fieldwork, she analyzes the past and present organization of their society, focusing on how it has been affected by changes in the seasonal movements of bands. She argues that despite widespread cultural change among these people, their egalitarian concept of leadership still persists.

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