Van Patten, James J.

About the author: Dr. James J. Van Patten is Emeritus Professor at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and serves as adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. He has published extensively in the educational literature and edited Challenges and Opportunities for Education in the Twenty-First Century for The Edwin Mellen Press in 1999. He is active in a number of professional education societies including The American Educational Research Association and The Education Law Association.

Academic Profiles in Higher Education
1992 0-7734-9603-3
These essays systematically review those individuals perceived as representing the highest ideals of progress and service in higher education. The majority are former presidents, administrators and faculty in college and universities who have left an indelible mark on their communities and institutions. Three chapters cover political figures who have been committed to expanding, improving, and including ever larger groups of the population (ethnic, gender, cultural diversity) in higher education. Two chapters examine issues in higher education. All underline the contributions of those who left a legacy of caring to future generations.

Case Study Approach to a Multi-Cultural Mosaic in Education
2003 0-7734-6865-X

Challenges and Opportunities for Education in the 21st Century
1999 0-7734-8045-5
This volume involves an international, multi-disciplinary high intensity discussion about education for the 21st century.

Contemporary Problems and Issues
1990 0-88946-884-2

Socio-Cultural Foundations of Education and the Evolution of Education Policies in the U.s
1991 0-7734-9727-7
This collection of essays represents current research in historical, biographical, philosophical and comparative components of educational foundations. Seldom have the conflicts within education seemed so severe or as intractable as those facing educators as we approach the 21st century. Critical analysis of these conflicts will not only help to clarify issues but perhaps to grow out of them. The first six chapters of the book deal with education theory and practice. Chapters 7 and 8 explore comparative educational and social systems affecting educational policy (United States and England). The final seven chapters explore the historical and biographical dimensions of education.

Understanding the Many Faces of the Culture of Higher Education
1993 0-7734-9317-4

Watersheds in Higher Education
1997 0-7734-8605-4
Each chapter explores the biography, contributions and influence of leaders in American higher education, relating the past to the present efforts to deal with issues, influences and pressures facing higher education as we approach the 21st century. Topics include tenure; academic freedom; Robert Maynard Hutchins and The University of Chicago and The Great Books; Charles Eliot of Harvard and the "elective system"; William Rainey Harper; William Heard Kilpatrick; Leland Stanford and Stanford University; Jimmy Carter and Higher Education; Clinton's education policies: Veblen's Views on Society and Education