Academic Profiles in Higher Education

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These essays systematically review those individuals perceived as representing the highest ideals of progress and service in higher education. The majority are former presidents, administrators and faculty in college and universities who have left an indelible mark on their communities and institutions. Three chapters cover political figures who have been committed to expanding, improving, and including ever larger groups of the population (ethnic, gender, cultural diversity) in higher education. Two chapters examine issues in higher education. All underline the contributions of those who left a legacy of caring to future generations.


"The book has good chronological and geographical diversity as well as intellectual and philosophical diversity. . . . It is refreshing to have included some of the innovators in education who have never been on the neon signs. These are in fact the ones who make the differences rather than getting recognition through writing about the differences." - Gary R. Taylor "This collection of essays and others like it are important and needed if those in the educational profession are to have any collective memory." - History of Education Quarterly

". . . a valuable resource for individuals in the field of curriculum and instruction and education. . . . The weaving of governmental leaders, colleges and university presidents and deans, and faculty members together with George Peabody, the philanthropist, make it an excellent contribution to biographical research." - William Waltman

"The collection is a lively and interesting presentation of great contributors to our society. It focuses on obtaining insights from a study of the dedication and achievement of these picturesque personalities. The individual biographies underline the belief that one person can make a difference." - James Bolding

"Exploring topics as diverse as the role of service in faculty management, Edmund Burke's theory of human nature, total quality management, and effective schools research, this volume will offer the reader insights into a wide range of issues while avoidi

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