Challenges and Opportunities for Education in the 21st Century

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This volume involves an international, multi-disciplinary high intensity discussion about education for the 21st century.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1.The Enigma of Doing More with Less in Higher Education: Future Prospects (Fred Kierstead)

2.The Role of Teachers in a Changing World: An International Perspective (Timothy J. Bergen)

3.China's New Universities: Technology and Higher Education in the 21st Century (Ruqian Teng and Spencer Maxcy)

4.Reorganizing the Foreign Language Program: Challenge for the 21st Century (Zena Moore)

5.Innovative programs to Ensure Diversity in Public Education (Patricia Coberly)

6.The Future of School Board Governance in American Education (Angela Maynard Sewall)

7.Era of Reform: Reflection on Educational Leadership preparation for the Future (Gerald Siegrist)

8.The School Administrator, Philosophy and One's Vision for School Leadership (Ann E. Witcher)

9.University-Sponsored Charter Schools (James Machell, Doug Thomas, and Jim Bowman)

10.Improving Corporate Social Responsibility Through Strategic Planning (Timothy G. Hatcher)

11.Elderlearning – Challenges and Opportunities for the New Millennium (Rhonda L. Harvey, and Jack B. De Vore)

12.Distance Learning Realities for the 21st Century (Rhonda L. Harvey, and Jack B. De Vore)

13.A Look at the Future: Technology in Teaching (Rob Kennedy)

14.Questioning the Pluralism of Technology (James E. Swartz)

15.Summary and the Future (James Van Patten)


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