Subject Area: Information Technology Studies

Análisis y Valoración de Sitios Web de Centros Escolares
 Roig-Vila, Rosabel
2003 0-7734-6788-2 296 pages
This study analyzes and evaluates websites in Spanish scholastic centers.

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Broadcast, Internet and TV Media in the Arab World and Small Nations: Studies in Recent Developments
 Al-Obaidi, Jabbar Audah
2010 0-7734-1302-2 212 pages
In this collection, scholars from various backgrounds discuss how emerging changes in media content and delivery influence culture, education, international relations, and human expectations. It traces global media trends of convergence and competition for a fragmented and diverse audience. Nine essays are included in the collection.

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Computer Graphics for Television
 Edsall, Samuel H.
2007 0-7734-5470-5 180 pages
This is an instructional text on the design of computer graphics for the television medium. It examines the purpose of television graphics, history, the television medium of graphic design, visual perception and cues, typography, design principles, use of digitally captured images, ethical ramifications, and the future of television graphics. It also includes a selection of professional examples. The text examines the mind of the designer and the design problem-solving process. Many of the principles discussed in this work are applicable to other disciplines including web, multimedia, and other small screen media. Up-to-date and in-depth, this text is a valuable research instrument in the study of computer graphic design, broadcasting, and radio/television technology. This book contains 20 Black and White prints and 12 Color prints.

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Development of Decision Support Systems Research
 Eom, Sean B.
2007 0-7734-5366-0 520 pages
This book represents an effort to document the intellectual history of Decision Support Systems in terms of contributions made through the combined efforts of many in the management information systems, decision support systems, and many other reference disciplines including management science, psychology, cognitive science, systems science, computer science, communication science, organization science, etc. This book makes a significant contribution to the literature in this field by providing an intellectual history of DSS, examining the intellectual structure, major themes, and reference disciplines of DSS, and investigating the intellectual relationships between the DSS area and other reference disciplines to give a broad picture of DSS fields over the last three and a half decades.

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Incorporation of Multimedia and Multimodal Learning Tools Into the Teaching of Research: A Case Study of Digital Storytelling in a High School English Class
 Connolly, Evelyn M.
2011 0-7734-1484-3 172 pages

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Information, Its Forms and Functions the Elements of Semiology
 McArthur, Douglas
1997 0-7734-8675-5 240 pages
A synthesis which takes account of the many forms and purposes of human expression and communication. It includes topics like the recording of information, the use of signs for the elaboration of ideas, for the design and execution of projects, signs and the representation of experience, esthetics, and rituals. The author argues that language and signs are best understood as a sort of technology rather than as the manifestation of a faculty.

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Metaphysics of the Computer - The Reality Machine and a New Science for the Holistic Age
 Moore, D.J. Huntington
1992 0-7734-2302-8 392 pages
The Oral and Written Traditions were founded on distinct discursive technologies by which knowledge could be expressed. With the advent of computers, a new discursive technology becomes possible, a radically different epistemological paradigm which, in turn, will pave the way for a new kind of science - the science of totality: holistic science. This new science will elaborate the a priori shapes and structures to which both reality, and knowledge of reality, must accord. Some of the elementary structures and principles of this unifying science and its tool - the Reality Machine - are sketched out in this book. These fundamental building blocks of knowledge are mostly unearthed from the sacred works and the esoteric sciences of antiquity. The book illustrates the concepts with examples in economics, physics, religion and computers.

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Politics of Television Policy
 Smith, Paul
2009 0-7734-5223-0 348 pages
This book, drawing on primary sources, provides an in-depth analysis of the politics of the introduction of digital television in the United Kingdom. The author highlights the emergence of a more complex system of United Kingdom television policy-making, encompassing an ever increasing range of policy actors and political institutions.

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 Bryant, Antony
2006 0-7734-5704-6 220 pages
The spread of information and communication technologies (ICTs) since the late 1940s has been remarkable. ICTs are ubiquitous, and they are studied under a variety of different headings in various major divisions in Universities around the world. Yet one of the key reference disciplines – Information Systems [IS] – is a domain in crisis: Having battled for an existence and identity independent from computing and business, its legitimacy and coherence as a separate field of study has been questioned, both from within and without.

This book analyzes and characterizes this dispute, and, using Zygmunt Bauman’s analysis of sociology, concluding that IS as a discipline is an inherently flawed discourse. The author offers an analysis of each element of the ICT triad – Information, Communication, Technology – and having done so, concludes that the more inclusive and challenging term informatics is more appropriate, and that the challenge is to think informatically. The remaining chapters then outline the ramifications of this challenge, seeking to revitalize informatics as a domain, and clarify its position in relation to related disciplines in the social sciences.

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Transformations of Literacy in Computer-Mediated Communication
 Jacobsen, Martin M.
2002 0-7734-7060-3 132 pages
This work offers a rhetorical analysis of hypertext resulting in a taxonomy for the elements of hypertext as they relate to literacy. It postulates a theory of cyberdiscursivity, which holds that the more instantaneous, widespread, and individual discursive practices are inherent in computer-mediated communication.

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Use of Instructional Technology in Dealing with Disasters: How Universities Used It During Hurricane Katrina
 McClue, Brucetta
2009 0-7734-3887-4 152 pages
This qualitative multiple case study examines the problems of six colleges on the Gulf Coast of the United States that physically closed for an extended period following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The study determines how communication was maintained with employees and students, and how instruction was continued. Findings revealed that IT staff had not been included in the highest-level disaster-preparedness planning, which hampered the institution’s ability to maintain contact and delivery of instruction.

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