Computer Graphics for Television

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This is an instructional text on the design of computer graphics for the television medium. It examines the purpose of television graphics, history, the television medium of graphic design, visual perception and cues, typography, design principles, use of digitally captured images, ethical ramifications, and the future of television graphics. It also includes a selection of professional examples. The text examines the mind of the designer and the design problem-solving process. Many of the principles discussed in this work are applicable to other disciplines including web, multimedia, and other small screen media. Up-to-date and in-depth, this text is a valuable research instrument in the study of computer graphic design, broadcasting, and radio/television technology. This book contains 20 Black and White prints and 12 Color prints.


"The book is comprehensive in scope, written in an easy to understand manner, and strikes an excellent balance between theory and practice ... More than anything, the best possible outcome for a book like this is that it will inspire the readers to find their own unique creative style in this very exciting field of television graphic design. The essential framework has been provided in a most thoughtful manner. The rest is up to the designer.” - Jim Ver Hague, Professor Emeritus, Computer Graphics Design, Rochester Institute of Technology

“This work is a very readable, understandable guide to computer graphics for the video industry. The text is well-organized with well-stated learning objectives and excellent graphics to illustrate concepts.” – Dr. Sharon A. Evans, Chair and Professor, Department of Broadcasting, Western Illinois University

“Sam Edsall has produced a work that balances the needed technology with the important visual concepts. Whether used as a reference manual or a course text, this book is a fine addition to the literature of the field.” – Professor Robert P. Keough, retired, Computer Graphics Design, Rochester Institute of Technology

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword by Jim Ver Hague
1 Introduction
2 The Purpose of Television Graphic Design
3 The Television Medium of Graphic Design
4 Visual Perception
5 Visual Cue: Color
6 Visual Cue: Form
7 Visual Cue: Depth
8 Visual Cue: Motion
9 Typography
10 Understanding the Ethical Ramifications of the Image
11 Thinking Like a Designer
12 Television Graphic Design Principles
13 Using Digitally Captures Images
14 Building the Graphic
15 The Future of Television Graphics
16 Television Graphics Gallery

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