McClue, Brucetta

Brucetta McClue has taught at Delgado Community College, Southern University at New Orleans, River Parish Community College in Ascension La, and Kingwood College in Kingwood, TX. She has worked with teachers at the New Orleans recovery School in New Orleans and served as the Louisiana Virtual School site facilitator and Early Start Dual enrollment instructor. She obtained her Ph.D. in Educational Technology with an emphasis in Curriculum and development and organizational change from Walden University.

Use of Instructional Technology in Dealing with Disasters: How Universities Used It During Hurricane Katrina
2009 0-7734-3887-4
This qualitative multiple case study examines the problems of six colleges on the Gulf Coast of the United States that physically closed for an extended period following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The study determines how communication was maintained with employees and students, and how instruction was continued. Findings revealed that IT staff had not been included in the highest-level disaster-preparedness planning, which hampered the institution’s ability to maintain contact and delivery of instruction.

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