Zionist Christian Church in South Africa. A Case Study in Oral Theology

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The over-rationalisation of the church has alienated it from the people at the grassroots level by alienating itself from the holistic emphases of the Christian message. The author proposes a more balanced approach to theology and warns against the predominant Western-oriented disposition to theology in the African context. As hymns and choruses play such a vital role in the dynamic mini-churches related to the AIC, the author's excellent study of these hymns presents a well-documented analysis of a major devotional activity.


"The methodological exposition of the value and limits of 'oral theology' for the idea of 'enculturalisation' (Naude's terminology) breaks new ground, as does the analysis of various types of Itsani hymns about God, Jesus, the devil, unity, love, prayer and about 'Engenas' (Ignatius Barnabas Lekganyane, 1885-1948), messianic prophet in the twenties in Sotho-land and held in nearly divine honour within ZCC." - Exchange

"In his flexibility and understanding of human nature, as well as his ecumenical openness, the author has produced an important study on the level of methodology as well as content. It cannot be ignored by those who wish to get a clearer understanding of the dynamics of the African Independent Churches in Southern Africa and elsewhere on the continent of Africa." - G.C. Oosthuizen

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