Entrepreneurship in South Africa and in the United States. Comparative Studies

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This work provides a comprehensive examination of the realities, changes, and public policy outcomes that are influenced by the African-American entrepreneurship experience. An excellent resource, it examines perspectives from which all businesses, ranging from small to large national and international, can benefit.


“The essential idea of this intriguing collection of essays and analyses is that entrepreneurship provides a vital strategy for community development and Black Empowerment cuts across the normal debate between conservatives and liberals in the United States.” - Cal Clark, Ph.D., Auburn University

“The authors are exceptional in their development of conceptual frameworks that help the reader to get vivid insights and an understanding of entrepreneurship challenges and opportunities in South Africa and in the United States. . . . This book is extraordinary in that it focuses attention on the necessity of linking scholars around the globe, and addressing questions of growing economies that are unique to their environments.” - John Butler, Ph.D., Director of IC2, University of Texas at Austin

“The ability to pull together a compilation of multiple intellectuals from around the globe and arrive at an intersection of great ideas is beyond amazing—it is ingenious.” - Willie D. Larkin, Ph.D., Chief of Staff for the Chancellor’s Office, UW Colleges and UW-Extension

Table of Contents

Foreword by Cal Clark, Ph.D.
Section I—Entrepreneurship Development
1. Lessons from History: Nonprofits, Economic Development, to Entrepreneurial Opportunities – George Amedee
2. The Evolution of the State and Local Minority Business Procurement Policy – J. Vincent Eagan
3. The Atlanta Way: A Gateway to Entry to Ethnic Business Enterprise – Vickie Cox Edmondson and George Munchus
4. The African-American Entrepreneurship Summit Revealing Preliminary Discussion of the Movement – Keenan D. Grenell
5. African-American Entrepreneurship: Transitioning into the Twenty-first Century – James I. Herbert
6. Strategies for Preventing the Digital Divide – Anil Kukreja and George Neely, Sr.
7. A New Solution to Water Pollution: Novel Fibers for Sorption of Organic Contaminants – Aliecia R. McCain, Clifford R. Lange and Angie L. Jay
8. Entrepreneurship, Wealth Creation and Economic Development: A “4th Wave” Perspective – James H. Todd
Section II—Entrepreneurial Research Strategies
9. The Black Farmers’ Settlement: The True Cause of the Struggle – George Amedee and Dickey D. Selmon
10. Entrepreneurs’ Perception of Policy in the South African Context – Mary Jesselyn Co and Bruce Mitchell
11. The Challenge of Transformation within the Regulatory Environment of the Gambling Industry – The Case of the Western Cape – Linda de Vries
12. Barriers Faced by Historically Underutilized Business in Local Procurement: An Annotated Outline – J. Vincent Eagan
13. An Effectiveness Study of Online Advertising Models – Juan E. Gilbert and Yuehna Lin
14. Promoting Successful Employment Outcomes for Youth with disabilities: A Transition Certificate of Achievement Program for West Alabama – Vivian A. Larkin
15. From the Academic Sector: A Primer – Steven Alexander Maclin
16. Achievement Motivation Among Black University Students: Towards Identifying Entrepreneurial Orientation – Bongazana Mahlangu
17. African Entrepreneurship: Displacement or Desire for Independence? – Bruce Mitchell and Mary Jesselyn Co
18. Entrepreneurship and College Transition: Leveraging Youth Entrepreneurship Training Programs to Enhance Student College Aspirations – Paul E. Pitre, Darrell Cain, and Charisse Cowan Pitre
19. Sustainable Micro Entrepreneurship will Ensure Positive Economic Growth in the Western Cape – Mandie Richards
20. Empowering Entrepreneurs to Perform – Spurgeon Rudman
21. Creating an Ethical Culture Within Your Business – William I. Sauser
22. Towards More Effective African Co-operation in the Support and Facilitation of Small-Business Development – Wolfgang Thomas
23. Empowerment of Women in Rural Areas Through Solar Energy – Ernst A. Uken
24. Tourism Entrepreneurship – When is it Entrepreneurship and When is it Small Business? – T.C. Vivian
Section III—Entrepreneurship Education
25. A Review of Best Practices for the Entrepreneurial Trainer – James E. White
Special Presentations
26. Entrepreneurship: The Path to Empowerment Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship Conference Cape Town, South Africa, November 16-18, 2003 – Brian Dobson
27. The Challenges Facing Black America at the Dawn of the New Century, 8th Annual African-American Entrepreneurship Summit Entrepreneurship Education is the Practice of Freedom, Auburn University, Alabama, February 12-15, 2002 – David Wilson

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