South Africa and the Marxist Movement a Study in Double Standards

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While there are not many people who still believe that "scientific socialism" can "scientifically" bring about more just and humane societies, Bardis speaks of an all-pervasive spirit of criticism which continually undercuts any attempt to build such societies. He also causes us to consider the way such criticism has become the fashion in politics and can be used to establish new and sometimes more oppressive political regimes than the traditional systems.


"This very welcome publication will not reverse the thinking of the unthinking on the subject of South Africa. But it will give thinking people food for thought. This book is must reading for all who are interested in South Africa and for all who are not, for they should be, and this volume explains why." - HENRY O. THOMPSON in International Journal on World Peace

". . . much more readable than most other books on South Africa, and great deal more truthful and objective." - JAN KNAPPERT in Scholarly Research and Review

". . . most welcome addition to the corpus of material already available on South Africa. . . . myriad of sources quoted which totally exemplify all the author's major points. The volume is unique . . . advocat[es] the principle that simplistic solutions are both unprofitable and negative with regard to the problems of the Southern African region. . . . [Bardis'] breadth of learning, acuity, and pansophic sensibilities ensure that the reader will close the book a wiser and more questioning person." - Salisbury Review

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