Yuri Trifonov's Moscow Cycle a Critical Study

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The first full-length book in English on Trifonov (1925-1981). Outlines this major Soviet writer's subtle adaptations of conventional Socialist Realism to promote a discreet internal criticism of social shortcomings during several decades of Soviet administration. Discusses the five novellas and one novel comprising Trifonov's Moscow Cycle: The Exchange, Taking Stock, The Long Goodbye, Another Life, The House on the Embankment, The Time and the Place.


"He views literature as a tool in shaping the Soviet socialist myth. Partridge draws also parallels between the works of Trifonov and those of leading Western writers. . . . Partridge makes in his study a number of subtle remarks and original observations. He is best in his psychological analysis of complex interpersonal relationships." -- Canadian Slavonic Papers

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Varieties of Personal and Literary Experience

Chapter 2: Soviet Mythopoeism and Trifonov's Students

Chapter 3: The Revitalized Povest - The Exchange

Chapter 4: Taking Stock

Chapter 5: The Long Goodbye

Chapter 6: Another Life

Chapter 7: The House on the Embankment

Chapter 8: The Time and Place

Chapter 9: Yuri Trifonov - Conservative Radical




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