Diabetes, Autism, ADHD, Hunger, Anger, and Other Infirmities

Author: Manson, Tony J.
This work addresses the need to include in classroom management the strategies employed in teacher education programs. The studies contained in this volume are based on a changing awareness of, and attitude toward, at risk students and the best methods of maximizing their educational performance.


“. . . in time this book will prove to be one of the outstanding contributions of the day to [the educational] profession.” – Prof. Joseph Jefferson, Texas Southern University

“This study is particularly contributory because it tries to point out certain aspects of growing problems in education.” – Prof. Patty Ball Thomas, Florida A&M University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Joseph Jefferson, Ph.D.
Acknowledgements and Comments
1. Who is addressing the Obesity Crisis – Dr. Bonita J. Manson
2. Looking at School Nutrition: The Relationship of the Universal Free School Breakfast Program as Compared to the Traditional School Breakfast Program – Drs. Genae Brown Crump, Elizabeth K. Davenport, Chanta Haywood, Brian M. Hickey, E. Newton Jackson, Ghazwan Lutfi
3. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder: A Health Issue Related to Sleep and Academic Achievement – Drs. Ada Puryear Burnette, Ubiraene Pierson
4. Brain Based Influences of Anger: Scientific Based Treatment for Reducing Anger in Adolescents – Dr. DeAnna M. Burney
5. Understanding Stress and Coping – Drs. Gwendolyn James-Singleton, Jackie Collins Robinson, Jermaine Robertson
6. Understanding the Inattentive, Impulsive and Hyperactive: Effective Classroom Management, Instructional and Behavior Modification Strategies – Tiffany Roberts and Dr. Tony J. Manson
7. How to Teach Children At Risk of Educational Failure Coping with Autism? – Quartil Robinson and Dr. Tony J. Manson
8. Brain Based Influences of Anger: Patterns of Adolescent Behavior and Disease – Dr. DeAnna M. Burney
9. Music is Key: The Benefit of Music Education Relative to Other Subjects and Special Need Children – Nah’shondrea T. Massey and Dr. Tony J. Manson
10. Obesity, Diabetes and Kidney Disease in Children – Presley L. James and Dr. Tony J. Manson
11. How to Teach Children At Risk of Educational Failure: Coping with Epilepsy – Presley L. James and Dr. Tony J. Manson
12. Humor and Social Support as Coping Strategies on Perceived Stress and Medical Conditions Among African American Young Adults – Melanie L. Johnson and Dr. DeAnna M. Burney
13. Home-based Treatment: Building Family Resilience in Families of Children with ADHD – Drs. Jackie Collins Robinson and Gwendolyn Singleton