What is Wrong with Academia Today? Essays on the Politicization of American Education

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This work explores the consequences of bureaucratization and corporatization for not only academe, but for education across all levels of American society. Includes essays chronicling the contest between faculty rights and those of other parties to govern a university.


“While in the twenty-first century corporate leaders are attempting to configure the school and academy into institutions that train students to become corporate clients and amenable employees, it is critical that educators adamantly refuse this intrusion and remain diligent in enlightening students to become responsible, thinking citizens who will pursue the broader ideals of a democratic society.” - Prof. Harbison Pool, Georgia Southern University

“The content is for all faculty, regardless of discipline. . . . could be required reading for junior and senior faculty to enlighten them of their duties and challenges ahead.” – Prof. Arthur W. Miller, University of Montana

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prof. Harbison Pool
Bureaucracy as Democracy: Instruction as Higher Education – Rex Worth
Technology and Higher Education: A View From Neo-Ludditeville – Joseph A. Scimecca
Corporateering, Education and the Academy – Gregg Brownell
Student Grades: A Portal for Corporatizing the Academy – Thomas R. Whiddon, Clarence E. Burns, and Mandy L. Whiddon
Pluralism and Democracy: Fading Value Systems in American Higher Education - Clarence E. Burns
The Freedom Insurgency: A Study of Students’ Rights and Academic Freedom Movements – Andrea Carter
The Myth of Academic Freedom – Ward Churchill American Indians: In Pursuit of their Academic Dreams – Delores Cleary
The Purpose of Diversity in Higher Education – Charles P. Ervin, Jr. and Elizabeth K. Davenport
Adjuncts: The Invisible Faculty – Lila Marz Harper and Ruthi Roth Erdman
The Fallout from the Politicization of Education – Tony J. Manson
Tale of Horror In Acadumbia – Lem Londos Railsback
The Academy’s Final Shift? – Nils Hovik
Co-editors Biographies

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