Strategies to Overcome Oppression and Discrimination for Marginalized Groups

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Provides a comprehensive portrayal of the most vulnerable and disenfranchised groups in society. The book explores racial and ethnic minorities, children, gays and lesbians, women, people with disabilities, religious minorities, poverty, the elderly, and death and dying. The study integrates and dissects the complexity associated with understanding underlying causes and conditions that hinder populations at risk from attaining mainstream access. The text provides multiformity in strategies that can assist social workers in altering social outcomes, promoting a pivotal active emphasis on advocacy, empowerment, and social change.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword (Diane Elliott)
Preface (Judy Noel)
1. Populations at Risk: Empowerment-Based Practice (John Gunther)
2. AIDS in Black Face: Is it a Genocidal Attack on African Americans or is Poverty the Genocidal Culprit? Strategies for Empowerment (Diane Elliott)
3. All the Woman are White and All Blacks are Men: Empowering African American Women (Lola M. Butler)
4. Strategies for Using the Americans with Disabilities Act as a Tool for Social Justice (John T. Pardeck)
5. Empowering Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexual and Transgendered Persons (Joan C. McClennen)
6. Advocacy with Native Americans (Wanda Wahnee Priddy)
7. Problems Experienced by the Hispanic Population (Gloria Freire)
8. Children in the Dark (Anne B. Summers, Mary Ann Jennings, Joan E. Goldberg)
9. Religious Minorities: Empowerment Through Reconciliation (Daphne L. McClennan)
10. Empowering People at Risk: The Impoverished (Alan B. Kirk)
11. Grandparents Parenting Again: Empowering Invisible Caregivers (Wayne Moore)
12. Death and Dying (Dennis R. Edwards)

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