Volume One: International Encyclopedia of Land Tenure Relations for the Nations of the World

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This four-volume work includes articles on land tenure, land relations, and the regulations of the land market in Austria, Australia, Africa, Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Daghestan, Canada, Latin America, Norway, Russia, the United States, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, and Rumania. The encyclopedia is presented in both Russian and English, with facing-page translation.


“…a unique undertaking, as it puts together versatile information about land use in many countries, thus affording the possibility of comparative analysis. Prominent experts from eleven countries contributed to this edition. The division of the subject matter into three parts encompassing a) general notions and theoretical issues, b) land relations in developed market economies, and c) land relations in transition economies, is reasonable because land use reflects the interest of major economic players and their interactions.” – Gregory Ioffe, Professor of Geography, Radford University

Table of Contents

Preface by Stephen K. Wegren
Preface by Gregory Ioffe
I. Theoretical Ground and General Problems of Land Tenure in the Countries of the World
• Land Tenure in the System of Social Relations (Vladimir Belenkiy)
• The Regulation of Urban Land Use in the Countries of the World (Mark Willner)
• The Legal Regulation of Agricultural Land Turnover in the Countries of the World (Victor Khlystun, Vladimir Churkin)
• Land Market Functioning in the Countries of the World (Victor Nazarenko)
II. Land Tenure and Land Relations in the Countries of Historically-Formed Developed and Developing Market Economy
• Land Tenure and Land Relations in Australia (Valeria Bashkirova)
• Land Tenure and Land Relations in Austria (Franz Greif)
• Land Tenure and Land Relations in Great Britain (Valeria Bashkirova)

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