Russian- English Comparative Explanatory Dictionary of Basic Terms and Notions on Russian Land Relations, Land Ownership and Land Tenure

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This two-volume dictionary contains over 1800 terms on land tenure and land relations, describing and analyzing the different experiences and approaches to the regulation and use of land. The encyclopedia is presented in both Russian and English, with facing-page translation.


“This dictionary is unique in two ways. First, it spans six different aspects of broadly defined land use: human geography, economy, ecology, physical and urban planning, and land cadastre. Second, the author sets out to bridge the gap between Russian and English glossaries in these six areas – an undertaking that makes this book indispensable for translators and all those who try to make sense of Russian texts devoted to land use….this dictionary is written from a Russian perspective, which not only ensures closer attention to Russian terms, but makes them the point of departure. In my opinion, however, this is what will make this dictionary so interesting for all those whose experience developed in the West and who are therefore able to take a look at the ‘same’ terminology from the Western perspective.” – Gregory Ioffe, Radford University

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Prefaces; Introduction
1. Land as a Geographic Category
2. Economics of Land Use and Land Tenure
3. Land as a Commodity
4. Ecological Aspects of Land Use
5. Land as an Object of Land Planning and Town Building
6. Land Cadastre
Bibliography; Indices of Terms in Russian and English

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