Musical Terminology: A Comparative Dictionary in Four Languages

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"Our present system of musical notation can prescribe precisely what is to be played; however, it can only hint, and very vaguely at best, at how it is to be played. To aid the performer in the "how," descriptive terms are employed. ...[But] terms designed to aid can also confuse or obscure the composer's intentions unless there is a common musical understanding shared by both the composer and performer. It is with the intent to further that understanding that this compendium was compiled: to broaden the ground shared by the composer and performer by making available additional synonyms from which the composer could select suitable language and also to which the performer could refer." -David L. Boccagna (Introduction)

This book was originally published by Pendragon Press in 1999.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Introduction: How the Compendium is Organized
Chapter II: The Evolution of Agogic Terms
The History of Early Devices
The Invention of the Stave
Instrumental Music
Development of New Styles of Performance and Composition
Invention of New Instruments and Improvement of the Old
The Opera and Overture
Need for New Expressive Terminology
The Influence of the Mannheim School
Arrangement of the Materials

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