Liszt and England

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"The present volume is based on diary entries, playbills, programs, press reports, and archival material, mainly from British and European sources. As such it represents the first comprehensive analysis of Liszt's executant, compositional, and and literary activities in London and the English provinces. Also incorporated is a detailed listing of the composer's London publications and selected correspondence while in England. A final chapter focuses on major developments on the Lisztian front from 1945 to the present day." -from the Author's "Introduction"

This book was originally published in 2016 by Pendragon Press.

Table of Contents

Principal Sources and Sigla
Introduction: Liszt and England, Past and Present
Chapter 1: Master Liszt in London, 1824
Chapter 2: Master Liszt in Manchester, 1824
Chapter 3: Master Liszt in London, 1825
Chapter 4: Master Liszt in Manchester, 1825
Chapter 5: Czerny and Liszt, 1823-1825 and 1826
Chapter 6: Mister Liszt in London, 1827
Chapter 7: Liszt in England, 1840-1841
Chapter 8: Liszt in London, 1886
Chapter 9: The Hidden Years, 1842-1865
Chapter 10: The Later Victorian and Edwardian Eras, 1865-1911
Chapter 11: The Fallow Years 1911-1944
Chapter 12: The Fruitful Years 1945-2013
Appendix A: Previously Littl-Known Liszt Letters Relating to England 1837-1886
Appendix B: Toward a Chronology of First and Early Performances of Liszt's Music in England, 1842-1911
Appendix C: Gleanings from the Press and Online Sources

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