Voicing the Ineffable: Musical Representations of Religious Experience

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This edited volume focuses on various aspects of the connections between the sacred, religion, or spirituality and music. "Up to the Middle Ages, music employed for ritual expressions of faith in sacred contexts and for evocations ...was contrasted with music presented for entertainment." -Siglind Bruhn [Introduction]

This book was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2002.

Table of Contents

Part I: Signs of Transcendence and couleur locale
Of Spain and Sin: A Glance at Wolf's Spanishes Liederbuch (by Susan Youens)
From Paganism to Orthodoxy to Theosophy: Reflections of Other Worlds in the Piano Music of Rachmaninov and
Scriabin (by Anatole Leikin)
Part II: Lifting the Secular Veil
A Sermon for Fishes in a Secular Age: On the Scherzo Movement of Mahler's Second Symphony (by Magnar Breivik)
Music, Religious Experience, and Transcendence in Ben Jonson's Masque of Beautie: A Case Study in Collaborative
Form (by Anthony Johnson)
The Truth Ineffably Divine: The Loss and Recovery of the Sacred in Richard Wagner's Parsifal (by Robert A. Davis)
Part III: Temptation, Death, and Resurrection
Eschatological Aspects of Music: The Dream of Gerontius by Edward Elgar (by Eva Maria Jensen)
Wordless Songs of Love, Glory, and Resurrection: Musical Emblems of the Holy in Hindemith's Saints (by Siglind
The Passion According to Penderecki (by Danuta Mirka)
Part IV:
Spiritual Descents and Ascents: Religious Implications in Pronounced Motion to the Subdominant and Beyond
(by Chandler Carter)
Time and Diving Providence in Mozart's Music (by Nils Holger Peterson)
Music and the Ineffable (by Eyolf Ostrem)

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