Arnold Schoenberg's Journey from Tone Poems to Kaleidoscopic Sound Colors

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"Scholars and audiences continue to debate whether the development of European music unfolded in parallel to that in the other arts, literature and the fine arts in particular. ...The five principle chapters of this book follow the major developmental steps through which Schoenberg passes in the course of the years 1899-1914. The introductory pages of each chapter illuminate the relevant aesthetic aim in the context of a few typical paintings and literary works created at the same time, with the aim of highlighting significant correspondences. The glances at cross-disciplinary parallels arise from a twofold intention. They lead lovers of literature and the fine arts to the recognition that the stylistic innovations with which they are familiar from paintings and poems, sculptures and Prose, architecture and drama created in the years preceding World War I have their counterparts in music. ....[They indicate that] Schoenberg's development in this phase of his creative life to be unique." -Siglind Bruhn (Preface)

This book was originally published in 2015 by Pendragon Press.

Table of Contents

Basic Data
1899-1903: Wagner's Legacy
1904-1906: Developing Variation
1907-1908: Multiple Perspectives
1909: Sound Carpets and Kaleidoscopic Color Plays
1910-1913: The Charm of Musical Aphorisms
Epilogue 1914: Sketches Toward a Symphony

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