Village Stories: A Collection of Short Fiction by Lucette Desvignes

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This collection of short stories is the fourth volume of translated works by French writer Lucette Desvignes. Though all the stories have a decidedly "French" flavor, each goes well beyond the concerns of provincial villagers to embrace global perspectives and universal values.


“[Desvignes] offers literary creations of the highest order . . . We can, as it were, experience vicariously the passions, the fears, the hopes of people who appear perhaps superficially different from us, but whose humanity we all share, As in all great literature, we find here something which will deepen our understanding of our common humanity.” – Prof. Michael C. Oswald

“In this delightful collection of short fiction, Lucette Desvignes is at the top of her game. With compelling characters, timeless themes, and unique and sometimes unexpected plot twists, she keeps her stories fresh, entertaining and often mesmerizing.” – Prof. Edie Norlin, Ohio State University

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