Vignettes of Burgundy: A Collection of Short Fiction by Lucette Desvignes

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This volume of short fiction by Lucette Desvignes introduces portraits of Burgundy’s intrepid wine-growers, samples of their distinctive vernacular, images of their fierce resistance to all things “Parisian” and their unique customs. This book contains one black and white photograph.


“Thus, whether Lucette Desvignes is reviving and enshrining in words a vanishing Burgundy that “ought not to get lost,” as she put it in 1995, or probing the inner workings of her genuinely human characters, whether she is bringing back to life picturesque villagers of olden times or voicing the innermost “ruminations” of contemporaries in the throes of conceiving and molding their brittle lives, she is always at the very core of the human condition, with all the compassionate insight of a full-fledged humanist.”
Dr. Bernard Chevignard, University of Bourgogne

Table of Contents

Commendatory Preface (Dr. Bernard Chevignard)
Last Known Residence
Oh How Happy Our Fathers Were!
Waiting on Fate
The Secret of Master Thanase
Your Health, Ninot!
Entente Cordiale
When All’s Said and Done
The Catastrophe
A Village with Heart
The Entitlement
Waiting for the Bell
The Attic Window
The School Bazaar
Passion Knows No Age
The Curve in the Canal
Down by the Lock

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