Italian Travel Writings

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Analysis and examination of the travel fiction of Lucette Desvignes, for the first time in English, that uses the author’s own experiences, as well as the Lucette’s characters, to show how she changed the genre.


“These preliminaries lead one to expect a variety of genres inside the genre and the reader won’t be disappointed. Some short stories are realistic with a tendency to satire, some are poetic, some fantastic.” – Dr. Jacqueline Sessa University Jean-Monnet(Saint-Ètienne

“In this choice of short stories the reader can measure the range of Lucette Desvignes’ literary gifts.” - Dr. Jacqueline Sessa University Jean-Monnet (Saint- Ètienne)

“These stories demonstrate the vibrant diversity of Lucette Desvignes’ artistry and complete a five volume collection of her short fiction.” – Prof. Jerry Curtis The Ohio State University

"... the rare pleasure of encountering the fiction of a well-educated and well-traveled woman with a keen sense sensitivity to physical and psychological details, a consciousness, and a bold willingness to abandon the realism she mastered for the surreal and the mythic." -- Prof. Virginia Cope, The Ohio State University

"This is a collection of elegant short stories that are a pleasure to read and are all interconnected by a commitment to the theme of travel. ... a general appreciation of well-written literature. The short stories of this volume are indeed well written and intriguing in their portrayal of the human condition, especially within the experience of travel." -- Prof. Derek B. Alwes, The Ohio State University

Table of Contents

Commendatory Preface (Dr. Jacqueline Sessa)

1.Italian stories

Terra Bagnata

A Day of Music (Trio for flute, clarinet, and bassoon )


The Faraglioni, for One and All

The Dog of Pompeii

Sailing into the Unknown

2.Guided Tours

East Germany in a Nutshell

A Tunisian Tour

The Architect’s Apprenctice

The Last Tour


Passing on


Grace Abounding



The Atlantic Crossing

From Nevers to Cluny

The Passage

Glimmers in the Basement


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