Use of Spatial Imagery by Three Nineteenth-Century New England Authors: Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Sarah Orne Jewett, and Rose Terry Cooke. A Method for Analyzing Regional Text

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“…a noteworthy contribution to scholarship on late nineteenth-century American women writers…Hausmann describes how female characters in literary environments operate literally and symbolically to reveal conceptual complexities that challenge traditional notions about women and space.”
-Dr. Geraldine Smith-Wright,
Drew University


“This book analyzes the relationship between New England women writers and the parabolic uses of space. Women often use space differently than male writers…this book offers a more complex way to look into the uses of space for New England women writers.”
-Dr. Mary C. Chinery,
Assistant Provost/Professor of English
Georgian Court University

“Professor Hausmann’s work introduces a revisionist reading of the way the referenced writers redefine female protagonists’ spatial relationships. Using the symbolic language of space and space imagery, Freeman, Jewett, and Cooke show how the space women occupy – home, open, imagined and even the space women’s bodies take up – can, in fact, empower rather than subjugate them.”
-Dr. Geraldine Smith-Wright,
Drew University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Geraldine Smith-Wright
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Redefining Home:
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman’s Thwarted Escapes and Domestic Refuges
Jane Field
“Old Woman Magoun”
“The Revolt of Mother”
“A New England Nun”
Chapter 3: “Little World[s]” and “Noble Landscape[s]”: Spatial Imagery in Sarah Orne Jewett’s Deephaven and the Country of Pointed Firs Deephaven
The Country of Pointed Firs

Chapter 4: A Women’s “Right” Place: Confinement, Starvation, and the Need for Transformative Space in Selected Works of Rose Terry Cooke
“The Ring Fetter”
“Mrs. Flint’s Married Experience”
“Freedom Wheeler’s Controversy with Providence”
“Maya the Princess”
“My Visitation”
Chapter 5: Conclusion

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