Hervey Allen a Literary Historian in America

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A study of Hervey Allen's life and art, which provides a commentary on America in changing times and represents, according to the author, "a kaleidoscope through which twentieth-century existence between 1919-1949 may be viewed."


"Historian Stuart Knee apparently had in mind two primary goals for his study of Hervey Allen: to reveal the critical oversight of Allen's immensely popular fiction and, as he writes in his preface, `to find the man' (p. xiii). . . . Knee's goals are sound; he has undertaken a job that needed to be done [and] he has succeeded on both counts." - American Literature

". . . valuable part of this literary biography deals with Allen's conception of the kind of research needed for a historical novel . . . [and] in the treatment of the subject of popularity." - Florida Historical Quarterly

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