Translations of the American Plays of Lope De Vega

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“… informed and meticulous study, which clarifies many issues with respect to the three Lope de Vega plays on what used to be called the Conquest and is now termed the Encounter of Spain and America. I have also perused, with awe and admiration, Professor Stackhouse’s superb verse translations…. El Arauco domado is a practically unknown masterpiece of epic proportions, especially as far as the indigenous Americans are concerned. El Brasil restituído is a world drama that treats transnational affairs (indigenous Brazil, the Jewish Diaspora, the dual Luso-Iberian monarch, and the Dutch West India Company) from multiple ethnic and religious perspectives. Finally, the Nuevo Mundo play remains the only work written by a Spanish Baroque dramatist on the Columbine discovery and European settlement of this continent. As if this were not sufficient, Kenneth A. Stackhouse, thinking not only of non-Hispanists but of Comedia scholars as well, presents us in this edition the three plays in the original Spanish, hence making available works that, again, lack for the most part critical and textual studies.” – A. Robert Lauer, The University of Oklahoma

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
· The Spanish Comedia
· The Spanish Comedia: Texts and Genres
· Places and Spaces of the Comedia
· The Rise and Fall of the Comedia
· Lope and the Comedia
The Famous Drama of the Discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus (La Famosa Comedia del Nuevo Mundo descubierto por Cristóbal Colón)
The Conquest of Araucania (El arauco domado)
Brazil Restored (El Brasil restituído)

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