Studies on the Works of JosÉ Donoso

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This book eeks to fill a void which exists in the psycho-social study of José Donoso's works. Includes articles such as: "Literature as an Exploration of Self"; "El obsceno pájaro de la noche and the role of the Narrator Agent"; and "El jardín de al lado: Rewriting the Boom."


"The criticism offered here is solid; the essayists long-time critics of Chile's leading, living novelist." - Inter-American Review of Bibliography

"Outstanding in the top category are Sharon Magnarelli's brilliant investigation of how to see/read La misteriosa desaparición (`Disappearance under the Cover of Language'), partly linguistically orientated, as the title suggests and as is to be expected from Professor Magnarelli, and entirely fascinating ... The other virtuoso piece, original, confident and uninhibited, is Oscar Montero's `El jardin de al lado: Rewriting the Boom', in which the author equally brilliantly compares Donoso's marginal position vis-á-vis the Boom and the position of Julio Méndez, the main character in his 1981 novel." - BHS

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