Tri-cultural Personality ( Chinese, Hispanic, English): A Paradigm for Connecting Culture Differences

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A new direction in multicultural studies. This in-depth intercultural mirroring study examines the convergence of the Chinese, English, and Spanish worlds from a cultural and language perspective. The interlocking of three seemingly foreign mindsets in dealing with issues of nationalism, power, personal identity and life expectations opens a new window exposing our similarities through our intercultural connectors. The reader is taken on a new and fresh journey away from the routine stereotypical approach that relies on examining cultural diversity.


“Mimi Yang has focused on the historical and cultural background of three monumental cultures: Chinese, Anglo (British-American), and Hispanic…These three languages are expanding and their populations are geographically increasing…their selection seems to intimate to the reader about a future world in which power is shared among these three linguistic-cultural blocs…not for the simple aim of celebrating multiculturalism itself, but for the need to address the subjective and ethical challenges that the new capitalist stage…with its uncontrollable globalization and technology, with its dislocations and forced diasporas.”
-Dr. Gustavo O. Geirola,
Chair of Modern Languages and Literature,
Whittier College

“This remarkable work is a focus born out of a primal instinct “to be”…Yang’s work explores this theme through organizations, communities, society, culture and nation States…the relatable nature of her findings finds that we become more similar rather than different.”
-Dr. Glen Reynolds,
University of Sunderland, UK

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gustavo Geirola
Chapter 1: From a Myth to a Paradigm
Chapter 2: From Tango to Tangle:
A Paradigm across Chinese, English and Spanish Speaking Worlds
Chapter 3: A Shared Paradigm of Power: Chinese, British, and Spanish Empires
I. The Chinese Empires
II. The British Empire
III. The Spanish Empire
Chapter 4: A Shared Paradigm of Individualism: The Making of Confucius, the American Dream, and the Bullfight
Conclusion: We are More Similar than Different in a Tangled World

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