Matias Montes Huidobro - Acercamientos a Su Obra Literaria

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This work is a compendium of perceptive analyses of his output and includes essays by well-known critics such as Gemma Roberts, José Escarpanter, Elsa Martínez-Gilmore, Guillermo Schmidhuber, Mariela Gutiérrez, Daniel Zalacaín, and several others. The collection is prefaced by a lengthy study which clarifies the writer's place within the larger spectrum of Cuban theatre. A detailed interview with the playwright and a highly informative personal essay written by his wife, critic Yara González-Montes, provide insight into his creative persona. In Spanish.


"The life and works of Matias Montes Huidobro reflect and synthesize the hopes and tragedies of the most important generation of Cuban writers of this century. . . . .Of special interest is the article by Yara Gonzalez-Montes, wife of Montes Huidobro and an important critic in her own right. In this essay Yara Gonzalez-Montes includes anecdotes and letters that help us to understand Montes Huidobro's growth as a person and as a writer. . . . Moreover, of the fourteen contributors to this book, eleven are Cubans living outside Cuba. The book is, therefore, not only about the literary works of Montes Huidobro. It is also a book about alienation, about redefining one's identity, and about the nostalgia of a lost paradise. . . . More than a book about and excellent and complex author. It is also a book about . . . A generation who has had a profound impact on many other Latin American writers and artists." - J. Alberto Hernandez-Chiroldes

"This book has filled a long-standing vacuum in the bibliography of Cuban literature both inside and outside of Cuba. . . . A thorough and well documented introduction written by Jorge Febles, one of the editors, is an indispensable reading that serves as key to the door that opens into the many perceptive and well researched essays that form the body of this collection. . . . Every single essay included in this volume is an in-depth study of some important aspect of Montes-Huidobro's literary contributions." - Héctor Romero

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