Translation of the Magen Wa-Hereb by Leon Modena (1571-1648): Christianity Through a Rabbi’s Eyes

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The focus of this work is Leon Modena’s polemic masterpiece, the Magen Wa-Hereb, “Shield and Sword”. It makes this important document in Jewish polemical thought accessible to students of comparative religion and persons interested in inter-religious relations. Modena’s work is a delicately nuanced text, written in a sparkling style with wit and charm. This translation avoids a wooden rendering, being honest to the original, trying to bring the reader as close as possible to the honest feeling of the original as well as to its sense.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface – Leon Modena and His times
The Magen Wa-Hereb:
1. First Army: The Sin of Adam
2. Second Army: Of the Trinity
3. Third Army: Of the Incarnation
4. Fourth Army: Of the Birth and Virginity of Miriam
5. Fifth Army: Of the Messiah
Appendix: Discussion

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