The Success and Failure of the Anglo- American Committee of Inquiry, 1945-1946: Last Chance in Palestine

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Provides an almost minute-by-minute examination and assessment of the Anglo-American Committee and its recommendations on the postwar status of European Jews.


". . . estime qu'il constituait l'ultime chance, perdue, de la paix en Palestine. . . . Le 'success' dont l'auteur fait état, se limite à l'élaboration du rapport de la commission; Le 'échec' tient à son rejet par toutes les parties intéressées. Une relation détaillée et soigneusement documentée de l'un et l'autre fait l'objet du livre." - Revue Française de Science Politique

"This book is engrossing and stimulating. It is a first-rate study, most highly recommended for those in religious studies and religious education." - Religious Education "Podet's meticulous documentation and attention to the personalities make the work particularly useful to specialists on the Palestine problem, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Anglo-American relations in the immediate postwar period." - Choice

". . . not only an impressive historical study, but an invaluable insight into the methodology of geopolitical negotiation and accommodation. . . . Podet has brought to his task not only a scholar's meticulous research, conducted over ten years on both sides of the Atlantic through examination of documents and through personal interviews, but a balanced and objective analysis of the evidence. His stance is neither polemical nor apologist." - Richard E. Barcus

"Arabic and Hebrew sources are well exploited. . . . intensive . . . [Podet is] at once objective and sympathetic in his presentation of both Zionist and Arabist aims. . . . convincingly reasoned, analytically sound, quite indispensable for anyone interes

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