Thought of Sorbonne Professor Michel Maffesoli (1944- ). Sociologist of Postmodernity

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This book is an examination of the social theory of Professor Michel Maffesoli, Professor of Sociology at the Sorbonne and a well-known public intellectual in France. It is the first book length consideration of Professor Maffesoli’s work in the English language.


“In this book Michael Tyldesley seems to have succeeded in bringing Maffesoli closer to us, in making him more familiar and, it is to be suspected, in introducing him to a whole new audience. If so, the whole enterprise will have been proved worthwhile.” – Dr. Philip Hodgkiss, Manchester Metropolitan University

“Anyone concerned to discover new and creative ways of thinking about how contemporary identity politics informs and influences contemporary societies’ debates about how diverse and complex civil societies might e structured in future will be extremely grateful to Mike Tyldesley.” – Andrew James Brown, The Woolf Institute of Abrahamic Faiths

“. . . does a great service to students of cultural studies, postmodernity and everyday life in sorting out the strands of Maffesoli’s thought.” – Dr. Laurence Cox, National University of Ireland Maynooth

Table of Contents

Foreword, Dr. P.Hodgkiss
Introduction: Michel Maffesoli, Serious Maverick
Section 1. Chapter 1. Marxism and Beyond
Chapter 2. The Pantheon.
Section 2. Chapter 3. What is in the process of being born
Chapter 4. The Tribalisation of the World
Chapter 5. The Spirit of the Times
Note to Section 2.
Section 3. Chapter 6. Maffesoli and Populism
Chapter 7. Maffesoli and Anarchism
Chapter 8. Maffesoli and the ‘Critique of Everyday Life’
Chapter 9. Maffesoli and Utopianism

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