Sociological Study of the Great Commandment in Pentecostalism: The Practice of Godly Love as Benevolent Service

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This sociological study focuses on the Christian “Great Commandment”—loving and knowing God’s love and then reaching out to love others. Empirical results challenge conventional understandings of altruism and suggest pathways for increasing compassionate love in the United States and beyond. This book will be useful to scholars in a variety of disciplinary specialties with an interest in altruism, religious experience, or attempts to integrate theology and social science


“Lee and Poloma, in this depth qualitative study of over one hundred individual 'exemplars' who have experienced Godly Love and acted upon it in, establish a theologically informed scientific framework for understanding such love—one that can shed light beyond the pentecostal tradition and illuminate core concerns of the human condition.” – Prof. Stephen G. Post, Stony Brook University, New York

“. . . offers an unusual and important perspective on the phenomenon known to sociologists as altruism or pro-social behavior. It is well-written, well organized, and well documented. The authors clearly know their subject and are strongly – one might say “passionately” -- engaged with the issues they discuss. The use of in-depth interviews as a primary data source is appropriate and well executed.” – Prof. Jay Weinstein, Eastern Michigan University

“In a careful analysis of the data, Lee and Poloma offer empirical support for the assumption that devotion to God can and does lead to benevolent action. They also note, however, that Godly love is a process that does not preclude tensions and ambiguities. The study thus serves the field of sociological analysis of religious communities by highlighting the benefits and the struggles, the strengths and the limitations, involved in a life devoted to God.” – Prof. Frank D. Macchia, Vanguard University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Stephen Post
1. Studying Godly Love: Sociology and Theology in Dialogue
2. Interviewing Exemplars of Godly Love and Their Collaborators
3. Godly Love as Practice and Process
4. How to Think about Godly Love

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