Theoretical Issues and Practical Cases in Portuguese-English Translations

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Essays on the growing emphasis within linguistics on the study of discourse and the need for full communicative competence, and the problem of evaluating rather than just describing language performance. This volume is devoted to papers on Portuguese translation.

Table of Contents

Essays include:
Translation: Theory and Practice (Malcolm Coulthard)
From Subservience to Subsequence (Else Vieira)
Macro and Micro Analysis: from Social Factors to Textual Features (Heloisa Barbosa)
A Translation Model from Latin America - the Translation Theory and Practice of Augusto and Haroldo de Campos (John Milton)
The Role of Semiotic Analysis in the Translation of Deux amis by Guy de Maupassant (Carmen Lúcia Cruz Lima Gerlach)
Translating Luso-Brazilian Literature (Giovani Pontiero)
Camoes in Translation (Harold Livermore)
Translating António da Silva's O Judeu (Juliet Perkins)
Typology: the Case of 'Sworn Translations' (Francis Henrik Aubert)
A Traduçao e os Problemos da Representaçao da Fala (Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard)
On Translating Advertisements (Patricia Odber de Baubeta)

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