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The first modern English translation of a 16th-century Spanish pastoral romance which has been recognized as centrally important in the history of the development of the novel.


". . . translated for the first time in our age. . . . Feminist critics will be interested in the Orphean hymn in praise of women, students of Sidney or Lady Mary Wroth will know Montemayor already as an influence, students of comparative epic or pastoral will see the associations with Ariosto and Sannazaro and the Italian romance traditions, and students of Donne will know of his fascination. . . with Spanish literature, especially that dealing with the psychology of love." - Milton Quarterly

" This is the first English translation of Montemayor's best-selling pastoral romance since that of 1598 (reprinted in 1968). This version succeeds in its aim of being `more literal and readable', and adds an intelligent and up-to-date introduction and useful notes." - British Bulletin of Publications

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