Knowledges of the Translator From Literary Interpretation to Machine Classification

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Eighteen essays on translation theory, seven of which focus on issues arising from translation into or from Spanish, Galician and Catalan.

Table of Contents

Essays include:
"Interlocking the Voids": The Knowledges of the Translator (Nicholas G. Round)
Equivalence and Fidelity: Of What, to What or to Whom? Some Pseudo-Problems of Translation Theory (Roger Bell)
Engendering Anew: Translation and Cultural Politics (Susan Bassnett)
Aspects of a Model of Writing: Translation as Text Production (José Luiz Meurer)
What is Translational about Translation? (Kirsten Malmkjaer)
A Reconsideration of Natural Translation for a Theory of Translation (Sheila Shannon)
Machine Translation and Translation Theory (Lorna Balkan)
Women Manipulating Translation in the 18th Century: The Case of Elizabeth Carter (Mirella Agorni)
The Art of Literary Translation - Theoretical and Practical Problems in Teaching (Andrea Papp & Aniko Sohar)
The "Handiness" of Selective Translation: Charles Fourier's Writings in 19th-Century New England (José Roberto O'Shea)
Catalogues and Corpora in Translation History (Anthony Pym)
Constraints on Translation: The Translation of EC Terminology from French and English into Finnish, with Special Reference to Terms Non-Existent in the Target Language (Deborah K. Ruuskanen)
On Translating the Duke's First Soliloquy in Lope de Vega's El castigo sin venganza (Victor Dixon)
Spanish Translations of Joyce's Exiles (Raquel Merino Alvarez & Inés Uribe Echeverría)
Speaking in Tongues: The Catalan Coriolanus (Helene Buffery)

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