Theological Study Informed by the Thought of Paul Tillich and the Latin American Experience the Ambivalence of Science

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". . . a brilliant and original study of science in Latin American culture that is a quintessential example of the 'theology of culture' methodology that Paul Tillich and Langdon Gilkey have bequeathed to us. . . Cruz's work is impressive both in its breadth of purview and in the depth of its theological interpretation. Among the disciplines of inquiry that he employs are these: history, sociology, philosophy of science, biblical studies, and theology. . . . With the resources of biblical studies, and historical and theological disciplines, this encounter with science under the conditions of ambivalence is shown to be an encounter with the transcendent. As such, the theological foundations of culture are illuminated, and with them an original insight into the relationships betweeen science, religion, and society are brought into focus. Cruz's work deserves the widest possible reading and attention - both within and without the walls of academia and church." - Philip Hefner Editor-in-Chief, Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science

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