Theological Biology the Case for a New Modernism

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Against the background of the older modernism, a new empirical, relativistic, pragmatic, naturalistic process theism is developed that takes into account contemporary discussions in anti-foundationalist philosophy of religion and post-Kuhnian philosophy of science. Liberation, feminist, black, process, and revisionist theologies are critically evaluated against the backdrop of liberal and neo-orthodox perspectives. The book's positive thesis is that the universe is in the business of creating life and directing it toward fulfillment. This claim is synthesized with the biblical concept of a loving creativity at the base of all things. The outcome is a view that has deep biblical roots but is addressed to persons informed by beliefs and doubts generated by scientific thinking.


". . . a new and important variation on the theme: theology after the new pluralism, relativism, constructivism, and historicism. . . . intelligible for even undergraduates. It is a fine illustration of one way in which process and naturalistic theologies might adjust to the postmodern critique of cosmology." - William Dean

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