Process Ethics. A Constructive System

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The first attempt to create a constructive and ethical system based on process philosophy, which is often considered America's distinctive contribution to philosophy. Seeks to develop a system of Christian ethics based on process philosophy, but without employing the highly technical language of that discipline.


"An exceptionally well written, well reasoned, informed, and useful book . . . . Equally strong in ethical theory, metaethics, and discussion of current issues . . . . Cauthen excels at presenting relevant cases followed by lucid and concise observations illustrating the impact of opposing theories on their resolution." - Ethics ". . . refreshing and often brilliant in the way it presents contemporary philosophical and theological positions, makes wise and incisive criticisms, and develops syntheses." - Theological Studies

"This book is well done and makes a stimulating contribution to the subject. No review will be adequate. It needs to be read." - Perspectives in Religious Studies

"[T]he tone of the book is less polemical than irenic. . . . does much to build bridges across the gulfs that often exist between theological and philosophical formulations, between deliberative and relational views of morality, and between a reliance on wisdom and an attraction to kerygma. That is a worthy contribution to an important synthesis and a welcome step toward the comprehensive complementarity that is necessary for doing ethics broadly." - Journal of the American Academy of Religion

". . . done without harangue and yet with such urgency and clarity as to call the reader into constructive ethical reflection." - Theology Today "Primarily for theologians wishing some acquaintance with contemporary philosophical concepts." - Choice

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