Terrorism and Airport Security

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This comprehensive book offers a complete but concise reference guide to the latest security issues and constantly changing law related to airport security. It is a highly informative reference tool for quickly accessing the Federal Aviation Regulations, corresponding clarifications and historical perspectives. It presents and analyses the current status of aviation law pertaining to terrorism, air rage, search and seizure and impending changes. Background information on terrorist groups and efforts to combat them is supplemented by references to corresponding terrorist police and military units and weapons. It discusses virtually all the main incidents of sky terrorism. It includes an update added after September 11, 2001.


“. . . an excellent addition to an area of criminology that currently exhibits a paucity of well-constructed, informative studies. Her approach, particularly the well-documented references to current statues and case law in this area, will be of immense benefit, not just to students, but also to practitioners, particularly those involved in consultancy within the aviation and airfreight industries, or as corporate security managers within similar fields. . . . worthy of specific mention; Chapter 3detailing the various international conventions is well researched, clear-cut and precise, while Chapter 5 illustrates an excellent insight into terrorist incidents within the aviation industry in recent years. Chapters 7 and 8, give an excellent insight into the philosophy, structure and activities of many terrorist groups and the counter-terrorist unites established to thwart their activities.” – Brian Cremin, BCL, MSc, Managing Driector of Crime Management Group

Table of Contents

Table of contents (headings):
Preface by Brigadier General (ret.) Donald A. Streater (USAF)
1. Importance of the Aviation Industry
2. The Hijacking Threat
3. International Solutions
4. Growth and Change of Skyjacking
5. Air Piracy and Airport Attacks since 1972
6. US Government Action
7. Terrorism
8. Counter-Terrorism Units
9. Security and the Rules of Law
10. Pre-Departure Screening
11. Private Security Personnel
12. Supporting Law Enforcement
13. Metal Detectors, X-Ray Inspection and Explosive Detection Devices
14. Cargo Security
15. Foreign Airport Security: US Law and Foreign Domestic Law Comparison
16. Airline Airborne and Ground Recommended Procedures
17. Technology Improvements and Health Concerns
18. Other Safety Issues
19. Weapons, Explosives, and Other Dangerous Materials and Emergency Response Teams
20. Access Controls, Perimeter Security
Vocabulary; Appendices; Index
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