Private Armies, Citizen Militias, and Religious Terrorists

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Explores the structural, interactional and historical origins of antisystemic violence, that is violence in response to relatively stable sets of social relations and/or bureaucratized state structures, in today’s world. The study’s focus is primarily on militia groups in the Americas and Central Asia.


“Dr. Weeber and his colleagues have succeeded in using a variety of sociological classics to help solidify our understanding of why this ‘antisystemic violence’ is escalating in the United States and around the world. ... If you want a book which explores the etiologies of antisystemic violence in our world today, this is the one for you.” - Gregory A. Clark, Ph.D., Coordinator of Criminal Justice, McNeese State University

Table of Contents

Preface by Gregory A. Clark
Introduction - What is Antisystemic Violence? - Stan Weeber
1 Militias in Cyberspace: A Sociological Perspective - Stan Weeber and Daniel G. Rodeheaver
2 The Political Sociology of Private Armies in Colombia and the United States - Stan Weeber
3 Holy Wars: A Comparative Study of the Taliban and Christian Identity Militias -
4 Positive Intelligence and Media Reduction of Ambiguity: The Hunt for Osama Bin Laden - Stan Weeber, Billy Turner and Keith Durkin
5 Student Reflections on the Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal in Iraq - Stan Weeber

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