Lee Harvey Oswald. A Socio-Behavioral Reconstruction of His Career

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A synthesis of an array of information regarding the Kennedy assassination and the subsequent investigations. It offers a biographical analysis of Lee Harvey Oswald, documenting Oswald's troubled childhood, dysfunctional family roots, and his involvement in radical activism.


“This is an extremely important scholarly work….It should appeal to scholars in a wide variety of fields, including criminal justice, history, sociology, political science, popular culture and psychology. The author ambitiously and successfully synthesizes a vast array of information regarding the Kennedy Assassination and the subsequent investigations…. He advances some provocative hypotheses about the assassination and the role of co-conspirators based on his painstaking analysis of the information available on this case. Weeber’s arguments are thought provoking and sure to stimulate lively discussions and debates in the academic community. However, I am most impressed by the author’s excellent biographical analysis of Lee Harvey Oswald. He meticulously documents Oswald’s troubled childhood and dysfunctional family roots. Moreover, he provides a detailed account of Oswald’s military service and defection to the U.S.S.R. Additionally, he discusses Oswald’s problematic life when he returned to the U.S., his involvement in radical activism, and attempted assassination of Major General Edwin Walker. Weeber masterfully puts the pieces of the puzzle of Oswald’s life together, and paints a picture of a profoundly troubled man. His analysis is truly impressive. Weeber’s application of differential reinforcement theory to the Oswald case is absolutely brilliant.” – Dr. Keith F. Durkin, Associate Professor of Sociology, Ohio Northern University

“Dr. Weeber presents a particularly detailed and comprehensive history of the crazy times and unfolding craziness following the assassination of President Kennedy. Readers who are not well versed in these events will find the book illuminating and well-documented. More esoteric readers will find details and issues presented that have likely evaded their grasp earlier. In addition, Dr. Weeber presents information about Oswald in a human light that has often been overlooked by conspiracy theorists while not denigrating the conjecture that continues to cloud the official governmental investigation of this historic event…. Oswald is shown to be far from a dimwitted Marine so often portrayed by other writers…. Last, the author attempts to examine and frame Oswald’s likely motivation for this spectacular crime within the framework of differential reinforcement theory…. This work is highly recommended to readers who wish to know more about the Kennedy assassination, and is strongly recommended for readers already well versed on the subject. There is something for every reader here.” – Dr. Billy Turner, Head of the Department of Social Sciences, McNeese State University

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. Introduction
2. November 22-25, 1963
3. The Investigations
4. Anatomy of an Assassination
5. The Juvenile Delinquent
6. The Radical Futurist
7. The Career Builder
8. New Orleans: Linchpin of Conspiracy
9. At the Precipice
10. November 22, 1963: A Socio-Behavioral Reconstruction
Appendix; Index

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