Sweet, Kathleen M.

About the author: Kathleen Sweet, Lt. Col, Ret., J. D., is currently on the faculty at St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota, in the Department of Criminal Justice, where she teaches courses in security and terrorism. She was retired from the US Air Force in 1999. While in the military she was an instructor at the Air War College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, an Assistant Air Attaché to the Russian Federation, an intelligence officer and a member of the Judge Advocate General’s department. Additionally, she was assigned as a military/political affairs officer to the 353rd Special Operations Wing located at Clark AB, Republic of the Philippines.

Terrorism and Airport Security
2002 0-7734-7132-4
This comprehensive book offers a complete but concise reference guide to the latest security issues and constantly changing law related to airport security. It is a highly informative reference tool for quickly accessing the Federal Aviation Regulations, corresponding clarifications and historical perspectives. It presents and analyses the current status of aviation law pertaining to terrorism, air rage, search and seizure and impending changes. Background information on terrorist groups and efforts to combat them is supplemented by references to corresponding terrorist police and military units and weapons. It discusses virtually all the main incidents of sky terrorism. It includes an update added after September 11, 2001.

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