Teachings on Usury in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

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This study maintains that the religious teaching on ‘usury’ had a marked and different effect on the economic development within each of the three monotheistic communities.


“Susan Buckley’s book is perhaps the first of its kind in the English-speaking world to provide a comprehensive treatment of the understanding of usury within the three major religions….combines key socio-economic factors with the original scriptural sources of the respective religions in a revealing interdisciplinary approach.” – The Muslim World Book Review “this book breaks significant new ground and is a model of an interdisciplinary study which engages with theology, religious studies, economics and sociology in an original and stimulating way. As well as making a significant new contribution to scholarship in a number of different disciplines, it is also highly readable and accessible and offers a helpful perspective on key current issues, notably international debt and the Jubilee 2000 campaign.” – Ian Bradley

“By setting out the broad theological framework in which discussions on usury have hitherto occurred within the main branches of the Abrahamic family of religions, Dr. Buckley performs an important service. Her book deserves to reach a wide readership in the banking and business communities, among concerned members of Abrahamic and other faiths, as well as among those without religious allegiance who care about poverty, equity and justice.” – Malise Ruthven

Table of Contents

Table of contents (Main headings):
Foreword by James Thrower; Preface; Introduction
1. Toward a Judaic Understanding of Usury
2. Toward a Christian Understanding of Usury
3. Toward an Islamic Understanding of Usury
Appendix: Secularization vs. Secularism
Bibliography; Index

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