Teaching Multicultural Literature to Help Children Understand Ethnic Diversity: Essays and Experiences

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Addresses the challenges of multicultural teaching by presenting instructional strategies.


“. . . will be an invaluable tool for all those interested in extending our examination of diversity within the context of our nation’s classrooms . . .” – Dr. Margaret Bernice Smith Bristow, Portsmouth Public Schools

“This is a text that will encourage teachers and administrators to re-examine the way they approach instruction. Collectively, the essays make a compelling case for the idea that multicultural literature can transform the way students think about themselves and others and prepare them for a future in which cultural diversity will be the norm.” – Dr. Marycarolyn France

“This book is a road map to bridge the gap in the educational system for training in a culturally diverse society.” - Dr. Mary H.S. Welch

Table of Contents

Preface by Margaret Bernice Smith Bristow
Arab Children’s Literature in the Face of Testing Demands – Tami Al-Hazza, Bob Lucking
Multicultural Book Choices and Activities of Public School Teachers in Southeastern Virginia – Gail S. Taylor, Lisa S. Moore, and LaCyndra Young
Bridging the Culture of Science and the Cultures of our Students – Daniel Dickerson, KaaVonia Hinton-Johnson, and Karen Dawkins
Exploring Teacher Attitudes towards Multicultural Literature through the Arts – Jane Baskwill
Helping Preservice Teachers Reconcile Standardization and Diversity: Bridging Analytic and Critical Literacy through Multicultural Literature – Angela Hanson
Identity and the Teaching of Diversity – Paula Smith Allen
Using Multicultural Literature to Help Students Understand Issues of Homelessness – Melanie Tait
Walk Together Children: The Inclusive Nature of Multicultural Literature – Darrel Steward-Hoagland
Honoring Race, Ethnicity and Heritage: A First-Year Middle School Teacher’s Experience – Sirpa T. Grierson

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