THE EGYPTIAN ALBUM OF JOHN ELLIOT WOOLFORD: Original Watercolors by John Elliot Woolford and with Maps by the Ninth Earl of Dalhousie

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This is the first publication of the only pictorial record of the British Expedition to Egypt in 1800, in which Napoleon was defeated by Nelson and the British Army. The aim of this expedition was to remove the French Army which had gone to Egypt in 1798 under Napoleon as Commander in Chief of the Army of the Orient.


“Dr. Marie Elwood’s discovery of John Elliott Woolford’s original watercolours in the papers of the 9th Earl of Daihousie, who accompanied the British expedition to Egypt, is a valuable resource that provides a fascinating example of the imperial vision. Woolford’s daily, selective (often suggested by Lord Dalhousie) visual representations of the British expedition constitute a discrete historical memorial to the British perspective of the imperial engagement. Dr. Elwood’s skilful, informative, critical notes, based on careful research and her experienced and imaginative reading of visual evidence assist one to understand the context of each object’s creation. This work should prove valuable to scholars of empire and art historians as well as to an informed general public.” – Prof. Carman Miller, McGill University

“This early collection of John Elliott Woolford’s work among the holdings of the National Gallery of Canada opens upon the parallel paths left by two travellers and participants in the life and discovery of new and exotic material realities now made available for all those interested in the visual and social archives of Canada.” – Prof. John Fleming, University of Toronto

Table of Contents

Introduction by John Fleming
Preface by Carman Miller
Provenance of the Portfolio
Why the French Army Went to Egypt
The French Army in Egypt
The Battle of the Nile
The British Expedition to Egypt: 1880
The Egyptian Album of John Elliott Woolford
John Elliott Woolford 1778-1866
Lord Dalhousie, 9th Earl
Egypt by Woolford 1801-1803
Commentary on the Watercolours in the Album
Malta and its Grand Harbour
Malta and the Return to Scotland
The British Legacy
The Rosetta Stone
The French Legacy
Lord Dalhousie 1770-1838
John Elliott Woolford 1778-1866
Select Bibliography
Illustrations Appendix
Chronology of the Egyptian Campaign

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